Kim Kardashian wears this lingerie out in public

While Kim Kardashian’s jewelry lingerie china robbery was the buzz of Paris fashion week, she grabbed the spotlight in NYC last month with her other treasures—walking around town with nothing on top but a sheer blue La Perla bra and an open jean jacket.

The lingerie brand’s new creative director, Julia Haart, was also busting out—with pride.

“We’re very honored and pleased about that,” she tells Threads. “I’m glad that women are taking fashion into their own hands and playing with it and enjoying it. I am woman, hear me roar!”

Indeed, it seems everyone from Karlie Kloss to Kendall Jenner is roaring—and disrobing—this season, hitting the streets in racy unmentionables.

To master the lingerie trend like a pro, Haart recommends pairing bras with high-waisted pants or shorts, “so it’s almost like a crop top.” But she has a stern rule against donning old skivvies. “When something has been against your skin for two years, it’s time to say goodbye,” she says.